Kipoi Treason Case Hearing Flops


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Seven of Kipoi’s co-accused took to the docket. However, Kipoi was nowhere to be seen. His lawyer, Dalton Oponya immediately stood up.

“Kipoi was arrested one and a half weeks ago and he is still in custody at the Special Investigations Unit in Kibuli. They are still holding him despite having received legal documents to produce him in court,” said Oponya.

Oponya asked court to compel police to produce him in court “not later than today”.

“I pray that all of the accused be released unconditionally. This is because some of the accused have been on remand for more than 200 days, contrary to the Constitution. If prosecution had a case against them, they would have opened it and investigated the matter thoroughly,” said Opanya.

However, Peace Bella, the State Attorney asked court not to release the accused citing pending inquiries by DPP.”

She added: “Court should also consider the nature of the offence; it is a criminal offence which calls for a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.”

She also expressed fears of locating the suspects after they are released.

State asked court to remand them for two more weeks as the state awaits appointment of a new DPP.

“We do not have a DPP and IGG. Even if they were him today, it would still take more than two weeks,” said Oponya.

“He (DPP) would have to be vetted by Parliament and handing him the instruments of power. This goes beyond two weeks.”

“The said release documents for A1 (Kipoi) were issued by the Magistrates court of Nakawa. For us, we are not aware of this and we shall continue issuing criminal summons against him,” said His Worship, Simon Zirintuusa Kintu.

He set 22 July for application for “either committal or bail application”.

Kipoi was arrested in December last year in Kabarole district in connection with alleged subversive activities and he was later transferred to the Police’s Special Investigations Unit in Kireka.

The police accused him of holding a meeting with some Ugandan security officers and Congolese rebel officers. The alleged officers and rebels were also arrested.


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