Storm In Parliament As Mafabi Attacks Oulanya


viagra 60mg http://chimpreports.com/entertainment/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-panel.php geneva;”>Mafabi who is responding to President Yoweri Museveni’s State of the Nation address said the government is not fighting corruption since many suspected corrupt officials are walking scot-free.

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However, hell broke loose in the House when Mafabi quoted the government-owned local paper, Rupiny, to have published a story in which Oulanya, while in Nwoya district, said the government lacked legitimacy in fighting graft.

First from NRM side was Felix Okot Ogong of Dokolo County who demanded that Mafabi must be ruled out of order for quoting the Deputy Speaker without evidence.

The Minister of State for Northern Uganda, Rebecca Otengo, electrified the whole house when she also demanded that Mafabi should apologise and withdraw his statement.

She further said Mafabi’s accusation be removed from the Hansard.

Oulanya, who happened to be chairing the House immediately asked Mafabi “to do the needful” and apologise.

However, all opposition members and Independents MPs rose to their feet on “points of orders and procedure,” causing commotion.

Oulanya then moved a motion for the house to decide if Mafabi should withdraw his statements and apologize or not.

The NRM significant numerical side automatically won the day’s battle.

But it wasn’t over as opposition members who historically despise any voting exercise due to their small numbers, again took to the floor.

Oulanya who tried ignore but later succumbed to the pressure, allowed Angelina Ossege, the Soroti Woman MP (FDC) to raise the point of procedure.

“I want to know who moved the motion and who seconded it since the Deputy Speaker just announced it himself,” said Ossege.

Oulanya told the House that he used his prerogative as the Speaker to exercise his powers.

As the hot discussion went on, information reached the house that the discussion which was being broadcast live on UBC had been switched off and electricity disconnected from the whole northern section of the House.

To save time, the speaker played it diplomatically and did not insist on having an apology from Mafabi

The debate is raging on as Mafabi demystifies Museveni’s presentation late last month.


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