DP: UPDF Activities Worrying Us


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Speaking to the press in Kampala on Tuesday, Mbidde called on the Commander in Chief of the armed force, Gen. Yoweri Museveni and the government to explain which war Uganda is getting into and who will enable Ugandans to prepare for the tougher times.

“What is going on clearly indicates that a civil war is boiling up, given that all veterans who were retrenched and given retirement packages have been recalled back in the Army,” said Mbidde.

He added: “Museveni should explain why he has changed his mind and has recalled back the incapacitated, aged and double sided generals and yet there were reasons as to why they retired.”

The opposition member further alleged that the former bush war areas have been turned into barracks demanding the President to explain what will happen to the people’s land where these establishments are set up.

“The former bush war areas have turned into army barracks including Ngoma, Kinoni, Kirangazi, Kyabigaru, Kyamusenene,” alleged Mbidde.

Mbidde did not substantiate his claims.

However, Museveni and Gen Salim Saleh last weekend announced projects in central region aimed at promoting wealth creation among UPDF veterans who said they were living in biting poverty despite contributing immensely to the struggle that saw Museveni seize power in 1986.

The law allows the Commander-in-chief to recall retired combatants back into service when need arises.

Nevertheless, Mbidde that government should assure the public that people wouldn’t lose their lives like it was during the 1980s when the current government was grappling with rebellions.

“Stability and proper planning of the country includes knowledge and speculation about the security situation,” he said.


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