LRA Negotiator Enthroned Pageya Clan Chief


medical geneva;”>For more than 25 years, this site Pageya clan had no Chief until the new enthroned chief, recipe Joseph Yusuf Adek who is said to be the real son to the brother of the clan’s last Chief Orengo.

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Traditional rituals were carried out recently and the official enthronement ceremony took place on Saturday as police detectives headed by Roman Onekgiou from the District Police Commander monitored the ceremony to ensure the right procedure is followed.

Various Pageya clans living in the district of Amuru, Gulu, Kitgum, Pader, Agago, Lira, Nwoya, Kaberamaido, Kole, Oyam have warmly accepted his inauguration as visits where paid to all the Pageyas in their respective areas.

Although many were celebrating, some faction of Patiko leaders who Pageya was under for almost 25 years and even a few from Kerkal Kwaro Acholi have been expressing objection to the coronation of Adek as the Chief claiming that Pageya is still under the Patiko chiefdom.

However, Patiko’s Clan leader, Atii Ocakacon told police that Patiko had 11 chiefs before including Geya, the first chief and Galdino Orengo, a former world war soldier who was ruled from 1946 to 1988 but insecurity by LRA destabilized the kingdom.

“The right for coronation of a chief belongs to tribes’ men of that particular clan. Therefore complaints by the Patiko clan, the Ker kal kwaro Acholi and other parties that Pageya has no chief are baseless and holds no truth,’’ said Mr Attii.

Meanwhile, the new Chief of Pageya, Adek said the kingdom will ensure and advocate for a monthly salary to be given to persons with disability by the government. “Ensuring the welfare of women will also be up lifted because they are the mothers of the nation,” he added.

The king of Bachwezi, Kokoza Mutale and his entronage

The Pageya clan is set to introduce an annual tax for its members to go towards educating the young ones so that when they get a job they pay back the percentage which was given for their tuition.

“We are concerned because many children even after reaching university, they fail to finish due to lack of school fees,” noted Chief Adek.

Among the guests who attended the celebration was the Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs who is also the King of Bachwezi, Kakooza Mutale who advised the other guests to embrace culture as one of the ways to promote unity and peace in their communities.


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