DP Disproves Aronda’s Ministerial Appointment

more about geneva;”>DP’s National Legal Advisor, malady Fred Mukasa Mbidde, viagra 40mg said the move by President Museveni is unconstitutional; emphasizing that Parliament’s vetting committee should not approve Gen. Aronda as a Minister of Internal Affairs before he resigns as a serving army officer.

Mbidde said, “Article 99 of the UPDF Act demands that any army officer who wishes to participate in active politics should first resign his post in the army.”

“Therefore, the former CDF has no way he will avoid getting involved in partisan politics while serving as a Minister which will necessitate him to implement the NRM 2011 manifesto and interests,” he added.

Mbidde noted that the opinion of the Attorney General, Nyombi Tembo that Aronda should not first retire, “contravenes the Constitution of this country.”

Nyombi recently said no law requires Aronda’s retirement before assuming his position of minister.

“There is no law that requires an officer appointed by the President to first resign before taking the job and the wrongs made during the approval of Gen Jeje Odongo should not be repeated,” Nyombi advised.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, Mbidde noted that Museveni should not forget his affidavit during the Constitutional Petition of 1996 – Gen. David Tinyefuza Vs the Attorney General, were he asserted to court that whoever wants to express political opinions should first resign from the Army.

“Museveni should stand by the provisions of the Constitution and not divert from the truth,” added Mbidde.

Mbidde appealed to the Parliament not to “violate the constitutional provisions of this country and make sure that the General resigns first before taking on the ministerial post.”

President Yoweri Museveni on Saturday met the Appointments Committee of Parliament where he urged legislators to endorse Aronda’s post without delay.

The Committee had earlier kicked out Aronda, saying he either retires or forfeits the Ministerial appointment.


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