RVR Installs New Technology To Improve Cargo Movement

more about geneva; font-size: small;”>This new technology worth Shs 24 billion (more than USD 9.3 million) includes Global Positioning System (GPS)-based software that centrally controls the movement of trains and cargo along the railway track.

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RVR notes that the automated train warrant (ATW) software allows online visualization from an operations control center in Nairobi of the precise location of trains along the railway.

Darlan De David, RVR group CEO, has on Tuesday said, this technology will replace the manual management of crossovers at railway stations with satellite-enabled self-switching movement of trains.

“The introduction of satellite navigation technology to this core component of our operations means we will eliminate a lot of waiting time at stations by giving priority track access to trains carrying cargo and also allow us to handle larger fleets,” he added.

Hernani Sozzi Jr., a veteran rail and road management software developer with large Brazilian rail operator America Latina Logistica, also highly praised the new technology upgrade.

He said: “This is an integrated logistics and operations solution used in modern railway management system that gives real time information on multiple dimensions of the railway line and rolling stock.”

Rift Valley Railway

Sozzi, who was recently in Kenya to train RVR software developers and traffic controllers on the new system, said this integrated technology platform is currently being used to manage railway operations in Brazil, Argentina and South Africa.

“Japan also uses the same technology to manage operations and billings for mass commuter rail,” he said.

Communication with the trains will be through on-board computers installed in all locomotives, which have remote speed-control features and a mechanism to data on the condition of engines and the track back to the control center.

Citadel Capital platform company’s investment will equip trains with onboard computers; further material improvements in RVR continue to roll out as part of five-year turnaround program

RVR is a platform company of Citadel Capital, the leading private equity firm in Africa and the Middle East with investments of US$ 9.5 billion in five core industries, including energy, transportation, agrifoods, mining and cement.

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