2016 Race: Bukenya Opens Office In Washington


pharm geneva;”>Chimpreports understands Bukenya’s camp has opened a coordination office in the heart of Washington, pill DC, United States.

Bukenya, who recently embraced social media tools apparently to appeal to the youth ahead of the 2016 presidential campaigns, posted on his Facebook wall on Tuesday: “Greetings Friends, I trust you are all doing well. I wish to inform you that we have opened up our Washington DC office located at 6931 Arlington Road, Suite 575, Bethesda MD 20814 USA.”

Bukenya further noted that “given the importance of the United States in the Word and African affairs and the large number of Ugandans who live or work in the United States, we have established this USA office in the Washington area to listen to and learn from our compatriots.”

The former Vice President who recently announced his presidential bid added that the office would be used to make consultations with different kinds of people “who might find it easier to contact us through this Office.”

The new revelation signals Bukenya’s determination to challenge the incumbent President whom he served as his confidant and deputy for over a decade.

Sources say Bukenya’s ambitions have for long been a matter of concern to the ruling party, considering that he enjoys substantial support in sections of Buganda and the Catholic Church.

The fallout between Bukenya and Museveni started when intelligence reports indicated that the former was using a rice scheme under his office to build a power base which he would later use to launch his presidential campaign.

Matters were worsened by reports that Bukenya was meeting church leaders including the Cardinal and UPDF officers from Buganda region to topple President Museveni. He denies the charges.

Nevertheless, Bukenya has on several occasions attributed his downfall to mafias within NRM. While he rarely mentions names, Bukenya’s protracted wrangles with Premier Amama Mbabazi are well documented.

It is widely believed in NRM that Bukenya saw Mbabazi as a stumbling block to his rise to presidency as Museveni moves towards 75 years of age.


The Busiro North MP’s participation in the 2016 presidency is likely to add flavour to the race.

Bukenya will seek to win the support of Ugandans who have a negative perception of his moral conduct.

He was severally reported in sex scandals and at times photographed kissing women celebrities at his exotic hotel located on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Bukenya says he is not the only one whose image is tainted but also some top government figures who sleep around with married women.

He is also faulted for not speaking out on the government excesses when he was still in power.

However, Bukenya has promised to eradicate poverty by boosting investments in agriculture and fighting corruption.

Political observers say for Bukenya to emerge victorious in the 2016 race he will not only have to clean his soiled reputation but also win the hearts of opposition supporters who look at the former Vice President as merely a disgruntled cadre joining the presidential race to settle personal scores.

He will also have to brace for a huge financial mobilization campaign as Uganda’s politics are heavily monetarised not to mention an effective media strategy.

Most strategic media houses belong to government. NRM officials run majority of the most popular radio stations across the country.

It remains unclear if Bukenya will join forces with opposition or run on an independent ticket.

But it’s more likely Bukenya will forge an alliance with FDC, which enjoys wide popularity across the country, than start from building grassroots structures. Just three years away from the election exercise


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