Uganda Taps Somalia Air Transport Revenues


advice geneva;”>On Monday (July 8) Air Uganda launched a service to Mogadishu with the inaugural flight arriving at 8 am local time.

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case geneva;”>Air Uganda will be flying into Aden Abdulle Airport at Mogadishu three times a week.

Uganda’s Deputy Ambassador to Somalia, who was on the flight said it illustrated that there was peace, and peace was going to be maintained; the flight would also help to cement Uganda-Somali relationship further, and promote communication between the people and businesses.

Somalia’s Minister of Information recently announced that the International Civil Aviation Organization had removed Mogadishu airport from the ‘Zone 5’ list of airports which are classified as posing ‘a security risk to aircraft, crew and passengers’.

In March last year, Turkish Airlines began twice-weekly flights between the Turkish capital Ankara and Mogadishu. Several private airlines based in East Africa, including Kenya’s African Express and SAX, as well as Somali-owned private carriers, Jubba Airways and Daallo Airlines, also fly into Mogadishu.

Air Uganda Marketing and Communications Executive Jackie Tumuhairwe and Executive Director, Cornwell Muleya said the maiden trip was historic and that it would open the gates for future flights to Mogadishu.

Air Uganda’s inaugural flight into Mogadishu’s international airport marks the second international airline to begin sending flights to Somalia.

Mogadishu’s airport has experienced a large increase in traffic over the last year, a trend that it expects will continue to increase.


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