MP Baryomunsi Under Fire Over Local Service Tax

information pills geneva;”>It is reported that the way Dr Baryomunsi explained the tax guidelines to the people while speaking on a local radio station recently left the District Council uncomfortable and hence demanded an apology from him.

However, MP Baryomunsi claims the apology is not necessary because the Levy was not only unacceptable but also unlawful.

“The tax does not only define what the peasant is but it elaborately provides guidelines on the rates to be charged. Therefore the councilors need to interpret the law and not jeopardize the collection of the tax,” Baryomunsi told the press in Kanungu on Monday.

He said this is the re-introduction and a photo copy of the graduated tax that was scrapped off by the National Resistance Movement government.

This follows the District Council’s move to increase the revenue decided to levy the tax of Shs 5000 on all adults in Kanungu district, a move that has been contested by the residents saying it is a burden to most of them.

According to Dr. Baryomunsi’s view, the council is not following the law in deciding on how to levy the tax, a decision that is tantamount to the reinstatement of the abolished graduated tax that was scrapped off in 2001.

He therefore asked the District Council to study the law very carefully on section 80 of the local government tax as amended and the 50th schedule of the same law.

The District Council’s demand for an apology cuts across the three area members of parliament who include the Kinkizi West MP, the Prime Minister, Hon Amama Mbabazi, the Kinkizi East MP Dr. Chris Baryomunsi and the Woman MP, Hon Elizabeth Karungi.


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