Basalirwa Arrest: JEEMA Vows To Sue Attorney General


healing geneva;”>Police on Monday denied detaining Basalirwa, viagra insisting he refused to vacate Nsangi Police Post after the politician’s driver was apprehended for “disobeying lawful orders” to stop at a police checkpoint.

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“Basalirwa chose to sleep on the veranda, saying he would not leave without his driver. We did not arrest him,” said Police deputy police spokesperson.

The opposition lawyer was travelling to Kabale to represent Kawempe Mayor, Mubarak Munyagwa who had been remanded on charges of inciting violence during a rally in the western district last year.

But JEEMA says in a statement that Basalirwa was waylaid by police authorities and detained at Nsangi Police Post at 1:00 hours on Monday.

“For over 10 hours; he was never committed to entering a statement nor any charge preferred against him until his release on July 8, 2013. The President was with other political activists including Muhammad Ssegirinya, Ssemindi and a personal secretary to Mr. Mubarak Munywagwa, the Kawempe Division Mayor,” JEEMA said in a statement seen by Chimpreports on Tuesday morning.

“The police had trailed the President right from Kawempe up to this point. He was proceeding to Kabale, about 250 miles southwest of the capital Kampala to provide legal representation in court for Mr. Mayor Mubarak Munywagwa who was driven from Kampala and remanded there in Ndorwe Government Prison on Friday evening.

In a characteristic unprofessional manner, the police at Nsangi later claimed to have detained the president because his driver was running fast,” the statement further read.

JEEMA said “this action typifies many others conducted by rogue elements drafted by the NRM regime into the Uganda Police Force (UPF) to conspire in negating the constitutional mandate of the Police in keeping law and order.”

“They also actively engage in denying Ugandans their civil and political liberties as well as their inherent human rights. The action on President Basalirwa was both unlawful and out of order. The intent of the rogue elements was to ensure that the detained Mayor in Kabale is denied access to competent legal representation.”

JEEMA further says Police have introduced new forms of torture.

“According to our members who have fallen victim to the heinous actions, the perpetuators are primarily aiming to stifle legitimate political activism in absence of suitable charges to prefer against opposition politicians in competent courts of law,” the party notes.

It adds: “The actions involve cramming innocent citizens in police cells, stuffing people in unventilated vehicles, clobbering them with gun buts and clubs, sprinkling pepper in their eyes and puffing drug-filled smoke in vehicles full of victims.”

Police publicist Judith Nabakooba was not readily available for comment but she has in the past denied torturing politicians in cells.


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