Police Not Giving In On Taxi Demonstrations


store geneva;”>Speaking to the press on Monday, view Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, drugs Ibin Ssenkumbi said the police are not willing to give in the demands of taxi drivers.

“We have had a lot of complaints from taxi drivers about the new penalties. I even received information Monday morning that taxi drivers using the Natete taxi park were protesting against Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and Police enforcing these charges,” said Ssenkumbi.

“However, let me warn you that we are to continue enforcing this unless the ministry or Parliament says otherwise,” emphasized Ssenkumbi.

It should be noted that this is not the first time drivers are engaging in running battles with the Police and KCCA over the hiked charges.

The recent chaos happened in the Kampala centre as Kampala Capital City Authority tried to enforce the mandatory monthly taxi fees of Shs120,000 on them.

The taxi drivers argue that the move is premature, giving an excuse that the court ruling had just been reversed and they did not have the money ready to make payments.

This all started when KCCA officials stopped commuter taxis from accessing the taxi parks without receipts indicating payment of the fees.

On that day, several taxis were impounded as passengers were left stranded on the road side. “We have impounded a number of taxis today and no one will be given a receipt for June unless they clear the fees for this month of May,” said Peter Kaujju.

In June, police issued new charges to road offenders. Cyclists found without helmets to be charged Shs 40,000 while driving without wearing a seatbelt attracts a fine of Shs 80,000 (drivers) and shs 20, 000 for passengers.

The fines for over speeding have been increased from Shs 100,000 to Shs 200,000 and driving without a driving permit from Shs 40,000 to Shs 100,000 and a charge for one caught driving while on a mobile cell phone is Shs 200,000.

Ssenkumbi warned those who delay paying their fines, saying, “Anyone who pays after 20 days from issuance will pay an extra 50 percent.”


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