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Kampala Conmen Forging Visa Documents


treatment geneva;”>Kampala Metropolitan spokes person, buy Ibin Idi Ssenkumbi said there are several others who are dealing in such acts and that they would soon be arrested.

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“These conmen ask money from their clients between Shs 300,000 to Shs 1,000,000 promising to help them process the certificate of conduct from the police,” Ssenkumbi told journalists in Kampala on Monday.

“Unfortunately some are given fake documents that when represented before the Visa offices, they are denied access to visa or are left pending for several weeks and months,” he added.

Ssenkumbi appealed to the public to always note that a certificate of good conduct is only issued at the Interpol offices in Kololo which requires one to be present at the offices in person to answer several questions and also provide his or her finger prints.

He added that this certificate only requires Shs 67,000 and it takes between 5 to 7 days not two days as always claimed by the conmen.

He did not close the identities of the suspects to avoid jeopardizing investigations.


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