Why URA Extended Motor Vehicle Revalidation Deadline

malady geneva;”>This follows the introduction of the online validation in financial year 2012/2013, which requires all motor vehicle owners; commercial cars, private cars and motor cars to enter details on the old log book into the on line URA motor vehicle register to acquire new log books.

The tax collection body said it has pushed the deadline “because many people in Uganda are second motor vehicle owners which tend to make the process of validation difficult for URA.”

Sarah Birungi Banage, URA’s spokesperson told Chimpreports on Monday: “After a year, we have noticed that majority of current car owners were not first time owners and the process of transferring involves considerable steps to fully transfer the vehicle.”

Banage said a number of individuals could not trace first time owners.

“It was accompanied by advertising in local dailies and swearing an affidavit in court which altogether necessitated time,” she added.

With Online validation, motor vehicle owners need the new 10-digit Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) to access the free facility on the URA web portal after creating an account. However, validating one’s car details is free.

Banage cautioned all motor vehicle users against leaking their passwords to their URA accounts especially when entering details about their cars.

She added: “Failure to register by deadline time automatically makes the old log book invalid. The owner won’t be able to make any legal transactions like transfers, alterations and renewals for PSVs (Public Service Vans) and (OTV) Owners Transport Vehicles with old particulars.”

To ensure that all motor vehicles are registered by deadline, URA is embarking on a solid campaign to have everyone revalidate their vehicle before the end of the said deadline.

Martin Saka, the commissioner for Domestic Taxes recently said in these 6 months left for the registration deadline, URA will be extending to people with particular packages of solutions rather than them going to URA offices.

“Tax hubs specialized for target groups like those without TINS are already under way in the Central business district and are planned to roll out country wide,” he added.

URA explains that with motorists validating their car details, owners will be guaranteed of securing them.

The URA system alerts you through an SMS or email service to any transfers and transactions under your account by unscrupulous persons. “Therefore one is able to know of any illegal undertaking on his or her vehicle.”

There will also be increased and fast service delivery of motor vehicle transactions.


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