Behind Ex NTV Presenter Nameere’s Tribulations


tadalafil http://christiansforve.org.au/wp-includes/class-wp-oembed-controller.php geneva;”>It appears she left the Serena Hotel based station with lots of bitterness and has since then been struggling to cope with daily demands for basic needs.

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Not until her resignation less than two weeks ago, Nameere was changing people’s lives through the inspiration TV programme that highlights the different trials and tribulations people go through how they overcome them.

This came as bad news for her fans and viewers who were getting addicted to the inspirational show, but to some, it has brought question marks about the beautiful presenter’s character.

This is what she posted on her Facebook account following her resignation;

“Today I resigned from NTV. I have faced many challenges in recent months, that have ripped me of the balance I had secured between work and my education yet education is the core in life. Thanks to NTV for the opportunity but I have to let go. My dear guests, viewers and fans thanks for the endless love and support. Please don’t get upset, consider this a break, I have a lot in stock for you.”

However, much as she resigned from NTV, it seems that it’s not the end of the road for Nameere and she plans on getting back on with a better show.

But the way she presents her ideas seems to point to an endless grudge with NTV.

“While I was watching Life stories today I remembered what I went through just to get that show filmed; even Golola the guest recalls vividly; it was hell but today even with me gone without a salary or a small thanks; such a show is aired and people watch and appreciate,” she posted on her Facebook wall.

Nameere added: “Any way Golola has a rich and amazing story. Soon you will watch it on my new show- well told and organized.”

Several of her followers and friends on Facebook had something to say.

David Kayemba Kitali said, “Eh Justine this is too much. I suggest you don’t explain too much to people who may not understand. Read Proverbs chapter 13. We face many challenges in our employment lives but the best is to give everything to the Creator.”

Elly said: “Justine stop confusing people. You said you were going to study and now not paid and then a new show? Come on tell the truth and don’t confuse us.”

Meanwhile, Josephine Karungi, news anchor at NTV and Nameere’s former workmate could have ironically reacted to her post.

“When things go haywire, you can ride on sympathy….but not for too long, some of your sympathizers always expect you to get up on your feet and prove to them that they were not sympathizing with a liar or a complete idiot,” said Karungi.

Nameere is reported to have gained so much public sympathy ever since she resigned from the Nation Media Group television.

Close sources to NTV officials say Nameere was actually on the list of people that were bond to be fired and in order to avoid the humiliation she decided to act fast by resigning.

But she denies all these accusations. This is what she posted recently.

“Dear friends, don’t let that bad blood get into your system, my status was just what was on my mind as I remembered the different things I went though. It wasn’t just about the pay, they were challenges like I said not just one thing; if I broke them down, and some of u would lose your heads in anger.

“I will tell that story exclusively some day but not now! So don’t hate people my dears, I got new things for you like I said. And those offering me upkeep, thanks but am good, honestly, maybe I could give you contacts of a thousand people I know that truly need yours and my help.”

So fellows, you heard the lady, she is set to start her show and has no worries; she has greatly gathered up people that she confides in, the show will be a great success – we hope.


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