Youths Urged To Volunteer Before Getting Profitable Jobs


approved geneva;”>Many young people commonly ask the question, cheap ‘how will I benefit when I am volunteering with no pay?’ forgetting that when one volunteers in an organization for some time, you gain experience in that field.

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When these youths look for jobs and fail to get them in time, they end up becoming dangerous to their communities because of being idle.

This was discussed on Friday during the National Civil Society Organization Affair 2013 at Hotel Africana.

Innocent Lunguse, a youth councilor said the youths are Uganda’s greatest resource and should be a force for development while finding ways to develop their communities as they also make progress in their own lives.

He added: “Uganda is one of the countries with the highest population including the youths and there is a lot of competition in the field as they look for jobs.”

Lunguse further urged the youth to volunteer first before requesting for the jobs they trained for because here they can be exploring their dynamic creative abilities.

He requested the present Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) to give chance to the youths and allow them gain experience.


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