Opinion: Muhoozi Kainerugaba Shouldn’t Get Diverted

website like this geneva;”>and sans-serif; color: #333333;”>The prevailing subject of Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba in relation to Uganda’s future leadership as a possible immediate successor of his father is one subject which may help us understand the intentions of certain players in the country. ailment sans-serif; color: #333333;”>

The most captivating topics happen to be political. Politics is a territory where the most outrageous ideas and statements are hatched.

The recent attacks and pressure on Muhoozi qualify a project of great creativity by actors whose goals, going uncontained, will land this country in big trouble. The attacks are meant to hurt the first family and Muhoozi as a person; expose him to hatred and ridicule in a way that endangers his life. It is intended to provoke and intimidate him.

Peaceful Ugandans are aware of this trend. I know many sympathize with victims of such attacks. Were he not the reserved individual many know him to be, the option of pursuing legal redress wasn’t far-fetched.

Without saying it’s the emotion pervading his life today, Muhoozi shouldn’t fear such cold flattery intended to draw him into a state of agitation like the usual politicians we are used to.

The present Government has done all within its means to facilitate a state of free expression of ideas and choice of career. More than ever before, there is freedom for the young to choose where they want to be in the future. They are champions of their own destiny.

Muhoozi is no different from any other youthful hoping to live the latter part of their life in total fulfillment, beyond what any man could possibly predict. He is lucky to be a member of the first family, something everybody would love and that shouldn’t be to his disadvantage.

His father was born into peasantry but that didn’t stifle him being the legend he is. Muhoozi is no less a human being to enjoy the peace brought about by the NRA/M like every else. The constitution recognizes individuals in their own right.

The problem many people don’t know the young man very well but that’s because he is not showy. His record is arguably impeccable. Anybody can judge for themselves. People shouldn’t take advantage frame blemishes to soil his name because they wouldn’t want the same done to them.

There is nothing so grand about being a President that people should not believe in themselves without darkening the image of others. Anyone who wants the hot seat should line up. Muhoozi too shouldn’t be browbeaten. We are fighting all forms of discrimination.

Live examples of first sons who have worn the shoes formerly worn by their fathers are many. In DR Congo, we have Joseph Kabila after Laurent Kabila, in Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta after Jomo Kenyatta, in USA, President Jimmy Carter was a son of a revolutionary. And of course in some countries we have monarchies where leadership is hereditary yet everything is in order.

Muhoozi should indeed not be underestimated. He should be a source of pride for the promising soldier he is. He is well-trained and as a commander of a unit that besides protecting the Presidency engages in field combat, he is experienced and workaholic enough to take up any role. Already there are reports that he is slated to lead a Pan-African force, which should project Uganda’s image world over.

Muhoozi is still at his prime. He shouldn’t get diverted by roadside commentators. After failing to find fault with him, they drag him into recycled stories in a bid to cause rifts within the cohesive forces he leads. Their work is to spoil for others if they feel spineless. Nobody is celebrated everywhere but we already know who has potential.

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