Brig Tumukunde Denies Fleeing Uganda

cheap geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>At around 4pm on Saturday, FDC Women League boss, Ingrid Turinawe posted on her Facebook wall a brief statement suggesting that Tumukunde had followed in the footsteps of exiled Gen David Sejusa.

“Is it true? ..a..ha, then that’s why you must accept what I have been telling you. …we are advancing!! MBU …Henry Tumukunde has also fled the country? 4GC. No turning back,” Turinawe’s post read.

The controversial post touched off overwhelming excitement on the social platform, attracting over 65 comments in a space of two hours. More responses from mainly opposition supporters on her wall were still flowing in.

James William Mugeni commented: “Even president Museveni will flee the country. It is known all those fleeing are criminal elements. The pressure is on the growing numbers of youth unemployed is a big problem. It is a matter of time. Nobody cared to engage the youths on land instead land was looted and barricaded watch the space.”

This website contacted army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, who described the rumours as “mere falsehoods.”

Tumukunde’s friends and relatives we talked to also punched holes in Turinawe’s story.

Later, we reached out to Tumukunde via telephone. After several unsuccessful attempts, the former spymaster telephoned our editorial desk.

He denied fleeing the country.

“And how can Ingrid Turinawe know what I am doing? May be they are inviting me to join them. Do you still need to confirm whether I am in the country?” he asked

Tumukunde, who was recently sentenced to severe reprimand after being found guilty of conduct prejudicial to good conduct and discipline of the army, expressed his desire not to delve into the matter in fear of reprimand.

“By the way, I am not allowed to speak to journalists. Good luck,” he said before hanging up the phone.

Turinawe’s source of information remains unknown as she could not be reached for comment.


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