Uganda Needs Serious Leaders – Imam Kasozi

drug geneva;”>The renowned scholar and Muslim cleric, viagra buy in his presentation at an event organised by the Uhuru Institute at Hotel Africana in Kampala on Friday rooted for good leadership skills, tadalafil emphasising character, charisma, courage and confidence.

Kasozi took a swipe at leaders for failure to deliver to the electorate who voted them into power.

“During campaigns, they talk about a lot of things – ‘we are going to construct roads;’ ‘we are going to alleviate poverty’ and so on. However, after getting into power, they disappear. They go to sleep,” said Kasozi.

He attributed this to the character of the individuals saying most them promise to but they don’t have the will to follow up their promises.

“The only way we can have a better Uganda is through reconstructing our minds, our thinking. Are you citizens or clients?” Kasozi asked the audience.

“We (citizens) always wait to be given, when they refuse and we go on to demand for what we are entitled to, we are always punished for asking for what we want.”

He gave an example of the current population – that if the country’s population is say 30 million and each individual was contributing only 500 per week, then annually the government would be collecting Shs 37 trillion.

“Currently, the National Budget is less than Shs 12 trillion, how many budgets will we have financed in just an annual collection? However, in Uganda, it is hard to embrace this system. People fear that their money will be mismanaged.”

He however told the audience that this system (of collective effort) was working for them.

“In Munyonyo, we are less than 100 Muslim families, but look at the mosque we are constructing. At first we were only 15 however later on many have been coming on board and we are about to finish it.”

Kasozi assured the packed conference hall that no one can teach you to become rich and for him he still remains poor.

“This tendency of saying can you show me any building in Kampala which has been built by a professor doesn’t apply. If we were all into building, then who would be professing?” asked Kasozi prompting the crowd to clap in applause.

Kasozi said that if one is voted into leadership and fails to provide for the people who entrusted him with the authority, “then that person ceases to be a leader.”

“For one to be a good leader, you have to be courageous,” he added.

The other speakers at the event were, Dr. Josephine Ahikire the Executive Director of Center for Basic Research who appealed to the government to put money where people are already and also provide storage facilities to farmers.

“There is an urgent need for storage facilities; this is to reduce the problems associated with post harvest.


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