Muntu Breaks Silence On FDC Wrangles


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Muntu said that the misunderstandings are only an “inevitable product of a long term commitment to strengthen the party’s internal electoral processes and environment that encourages whoever wants to vie for power to do so.”

“Unlike other political parties, we have a unique constitution that doesn’t allow the party president to automatically become our flag bearer. Anyone who wants to represent the party in national elections is free to present their interests and democratically contest with other for the position.”

Even where there are grievances like in the previous elections, we have to look into it that that matters are resolved amicably and that everybody comes out satisfied and ready to support the winner in national elections.

The November 2012 FDC Presidential elections which handed Gen. Muntu to the mantle bred a substantial amount of animosity as his closest contender Hon. Nandala Mafabi pointed to flaws within the electoral process and the credibility of the FDC Electoral Commission.

Led by Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission was set up to get to the bottom of the disputes and last month it recommended among others that fresh polls for the party president be held.

While interacting and responding to questions from a bunch of youths who met him on Friday at the two-day National CSO Fair in Kampala, Muntu also revealed that FDC’s presidential contestation is not only between him, Nandala Mafabi and Col Besigye.

“I believe there are more than the three of us,” he said.

“But what is most important is a credible internal system. My role is to ensure that by 2015 when we choose our flag bearer, we will have built a strong arty with well established collaborations with other parties, civil organizations and all Ugandans, such that the flag bearer once in power, will go straight to getting the country back on track.”

He also admitted a lot of mistakes and challenges within the party which need amicable but swift address.

“Up to now for instance people still come and ask me why I walked to work and police was saluting me, yet they well know that this was merely out of respect, and that salutation is how the army and police say hi!”

He added: “But that is understandable: we are operating in a suspicious society because of the nature of this current government which survives on deception, divisionism and manipulation.”

Muntu noted that this nonetheless “doesn’t worry me because I believe in the judgment of time. Individuals can betray you – even your own brother – but time is always my best ally and it will always bring justice.”

He advised the youth to get out of their comfort zone and become active members of political parties if they want to influence change for betterment of Uganda.

“There are many of us who run for public offices with the core intention of getting power, which is legitimate. But the counterbalance can only be if there is also a significant number of people who go into parties to influence party policies without necessarily being interested in running for public offices,” he concluded.


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