Bwanika Questions Obama’s Foreign Policy On Africa


more about geneva;”>In his remarks to the press on Friday in Kampala, salve Bwanika said, “Although most Africans were happy about Obama’s visit to the continent, they have been disappointed with his foreign policy regarding the continent.”

He added that even though Obama’s visit to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania was thought to be more productive to the Africa’s economy, it was never depicted in his assertions.

Comparing Obama to his predecessor, George Bush junior, Bwanika says Bush made outstanding contributions to the infrastructural development on the African continent, the fight against AIDS and creating a free trade environment with the people of Africa.

“Although he is an African, Obama has so far achieved very little in regard to the African continent apart from removing the fallen dictator the late President Muammar Gaddafi of Libya,” alleged Bwanika.

“I was surprised with the explanation he gave of not visiting Kenya which clearly shows he is a president who has been intimidated and he should remember that he has serious roots in Kenya,” he said.

Bwanika added that President Obama should stop shying out and criticizing the republic of Kenya for what has gone wrong but should rather help them come out of the many problems and shortcomings.

“We expect Obama in his remaining three years in power to have a clear and tangible involvement in the African continent,” he asserted.

Bwanika later called upon United States to come up with a foreign policy that will enable Africa to engage in the American market, foster more investments in Africa to help create jobs in Africa.

He said Obama’s offer to take 500 youth from Africa to America every year to be empowered in leadership and jobs will only serve a few Africans but will not do away with the ever increasing problem of unemployment.

“We want to see America investing directly in the African continent, to help us create jobs; we want to see more business from America on this continent and helping us develop our infrastructure more especially in regard to energy,” he expounded.

On the other hand, Bwanika called upon Obama to ensure that the Immigration bill which is on the floor of the American Parliament is passed.

“We are concerned as African because we have a lot of immigrants on the American continent who have greatly contributed to the growth and development of America yet they are still immigrants leaving there illegally,” he said.

“We want their status legalized on the continent of America and we want President Obama to be supportive to this matter,” he commended.


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