Kaweesi Under Fire Over Human Rights


abortion geneva;”>All police actions, nurse he said are clearly guided by the national Constitution which strictly directs them to ‘detect and prevent crime, approved ’ short of which they would have abrogated the supreme law of the land.

“Sometimes you hear us talk of ‘order from above’, by this we are actually referring to the national constitution.”

He added: “All that Lukwago and his group want to see is a weakened police force, one they can bark at and it trembles. But they will not see that happen; we will continue to execute our duties as per our constitutional mandate.”

“Police is mandated to maintain law and order,” he said; “but unfortunately we are now living in a society which is ruled by information power, characterized by a shift from responsible leadership to leadership through incitement.”

He said the opposition and civil society have “relentlessly bashed our institution from the angle of human rights. But you don’t hear them emphasize their own responsibility as leaders and those of the citizens as stipulated by the constitution.”

Kaweesi was on Thursday addressing the public in an open dialogue about national security which was organized by Centre for Constitutional Governance at Hotel Africana.

Illustrating with the tale of the goose hunt games his men were involved in with Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Col Besigye a couple of weeks ago, Kaweesi stressed that “if they want us to treat them with dignity, they must first learn how to live a dignified life themselves.”

He added that the opposition and some Ngo’s have painted a wrong picture of the Uganda police to the extent of publishing reports full of only police brutalities and misdeeds.

“It’s true our men sometimes overstep their limits, but the reports should also include the force’s positive contribution to society,” said Kaweesi.

Recently, police came under severe attack from human rights defenders on the manner in handled the recent city riots which culminated in hospitalization of Lukwago. Reports also revealed that while escorting Lukwago to Kampala police fired teargas around Mengo hospital, affecting some of the patients therein.

“Our actions at Mengo were unfortunate; but that’s not institutionalized. It was an individual action, where an officer failed to scan the environment before hand to establish the existence of a hospital and that teargas was not be necessary at that moment,” elaborated Kaweesi.

“But we are working hard to ensure quality proactive policing system through our community policing programs as well as punishing our members who violate our rules as police.”

Kaweesi also noted that Ugandans should know that police is not sidelining the opposition or taking sides with anybody.

“In any case if the opposition succeeds in toppling this government, the police institution will remain to serve them in the new government.”


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