Ssekikuubo: Museveni Does Not Listen To Advice


buy more about geneva;”>The two legislators had appeared on Wednesday morning before the Constitutional Court for the hearing of a case in which NRM is seeking their expulsion from Parliament.

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“The government knows very well that there is no case against us however, it is just wasting our time, putting our electorate and Parliament at tension,” said Ssekikuubo.

He urged government to be considerate “because people came from as far as Lwemiyaga (while pointing at his dad) only to be told the case has been adjourned. Why doesn’t he leave people to do their work instead?” he said furiously.

Ssekikuubo further accused his party boss, President Yoweri Museveni, for not wanting to listen to advice given to him.

“Whoever advises him, he says he should go. Ssekikuubo should go, Tinkasiimire should go and that is why he is also saying Lukwago should go,” alleged Ssekikuubo.

MP Tinkasimire also urged the government not to put their voters on “unnecessary tension.”

He alleged that at the beginning of the case, the president wanted it finished in just three weeks.

Tinkasimire alleges at the beginning of the case, President Museveni wanted it finished in just three weeks

“Now how many months has it taken? Where is the expeditious he was talking about? Or did he think that by putting us on pressure we would go and kneel before him?” he argued.

According to their lawyer Nicholas Opiyo, they were served with notes for conferencing on Friday and yet they wanted them on Monday.

“This period was so short and so we are not well prepared,” said Opiyo.

This has been the third time the hearing of the NRM application has failed to kick off with the first having been on June 4, when it emerged that NRM had not served Mohammad Nsereko, one of the embattled MPs.

The second time was on 12 June after NRM lawyer John Mary Mugisha, asked for adjournment saying they were not ready to proceed with case.

The panel of the three judges of the Constitutional Court Augustine Nshimye, Steven Kavuma and Remy Kasule agreed to adjourn the case to July 3.

Ssekikuubo, Tinkasiimire, Wilfred Niwagaba (Ndorwa West) and Muhammad Nsereko (Kampala central) were expelled from NRM for alleged indiscipline by the Central Executive Committee chaired by President Yoweri Museveni in March this year.

The MPs will appear in Court again on July 9.


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