Confession: Fire Survivor Teeters On The Verge Of Death


viagra page geneva;”>pills sans-serif; border: 1pt none windowtext; padding: 0in; font-weight: normal;”>This fire was caused by an accident involving a white station wagon vehicle (Toyota Noah) registration number UAS 374C, which rammed into the rear of a white fuel tanker number KBL 361B on Saturday night.

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The damage at the back of the fuel tanker caused a spillage which attracted motorcyclists (boda bodas), passersby and some residents who started scooping fuel but unfortunately a huge fire broke out and engulfed the whole area burning everyone.

In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports on Thursday, Tony Sewankambo, 20, a mechanic and resident of Namungoona said he was at work on that fateful day when someone informed him that a fuel trailer from Kalerwe had been knocked by a Toyota Noah and fuel was gushing out.

“I immediately rushed to the place only for the fuel tanker to burst and fire spread over the whole place,’’ said Sewankambo.

He said after the fire burst, he became unconscious only to wake up and realise he was in the hospital.

“I don’t think any of the people present at the scene survived,” he said, adding, “The fire had engulfed the whole place after the burst.”

Struggling with severe burns at Mulago National Referral Hospital, Sewankambo said it was by God’s grace that he was alive.

“What I saw was a whirlwind of fire. I heard people screaming and loud bursts. I don’t whether it was the fuel tanker or any other thing,” he recounted.

“But the speed at which we were surrounded by fire was astonishing. There was no room to escape. It was very devastating. In a few minutes I had lost consciousness. I think Good Samaritans brought me here at the hospital,” he added.

Asked what lessons he had picked from the inferno, Sewankambo noted: “I have learnt the hard way. It should not have come to this but we did not expect such a disaster to happen. We just wanted to get money from the fuel leakage.”

This came at the time when the death toll had increased to 40, according to Dr Moses Byaruhanga, the Commissioner for Police Medical services and senior pathologist at Mulago Hospital.

By the time of the interview there were 33 males and 5 female bodies.

“However, 31 of these bodies have been taken by their relatives,’’ noted the doctor.

He further noted that the police and hospital had taken the samples of the 7 bodies that had not been claimed and identified yet.

“We took the DNA samples of the severely burnt bodies for clear notification,” he said.

Government said in a statement on Monday that the ‘head’ of a semi-trailer truck that was closely following the Toyota Noah was also burnt and due to fuel spillage, heat on the road and massive evaporation of petrol, there was a concentration of flammable vapor around the scene of the accident.

This and friction from the tires generated excessive heat in an oxygen environment which ignited the vapor and intensified the fire.


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