KCCA Warns Against Trespassing On Green Belts

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People found walking on the lawn in the demarcated green belts without consent from Kampala Capital City Authority are liable to a fine or imprisonment.

KCCA’s deputy spokesperson, Robert Kalumba said, “The Authority has started giving heavy fines to anyone who appears in the City Hall court for trespassing and parking on pavements.”

He cited an example of the four men who were given a fine Shs 600,000 or serve a two months period in Luzira prison.

Robert Seromba and John Lee Were on March 8 arrested by the KCCA enforcement team for trespassing on green belts and parking on pavements meant for pedestrians.

After pleading guilty, the City Hall court magistrate Julius Borore sentenced them to a fine of Shs 600,000 or serve two months in jail.

The same court also convicted James Kasujja and Wilson Twasiima to a fine of Shs 40,000 each and to serve 30 days in prison for vandalizing city green belts.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday at City Hall in Kampala, Kalumba warned the public to be careful about city laws, “Or else face the wrath of the law.”

“The re-enforcement team is working tirelessly to see that the city is kept good,” he affirmed.


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