Money-hungry Parents Blamed For High School Dropouts


malady geneva;”>The Inspector said this was the root cause of a high number of girls dropping out of school in most of Gulu Sub Counties since their parents neglect them.

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“You find in a class of primary one there are many girls but by the time they reach primary seven, the statistics have decreased simply because their parents sell them thinking it is a way to cure their poverty. This is total selfishness,” said Obot.

He said this as he addressed the community of Kinene village in Piacho Sub County, Gulu district on Wednesday following the arrest of Ali Okot, a video hall owner.

The RDC finds the primary children playing cards, gambling at a video hall

Okot was arrested after the Gulu Resident District Commissioner, James Kidega Nabinson found four primary children under the age of seventeen playing cards, taking alcohol (waragi) and watching a movie at Okot’s video hall.

He is currently being held at Gulu Central police station.

The Inspector said in Northern Uganda during both the wet and dry season, school attendance is normally low because most parents send their children to first work in the garden before going to school.

“Children work even during examination period which leads to poor performance in School,” said Obot.

Obot Robinson addressing Kinene community in Piacho, Gulu

He grieved over primary children who have adopted the habit of escaping from school to drink alcohol leading to their failure and the teachers are left to blame for the poor performance.

However, Mr Kidega, Gulu district RDC said if the political leaders are lazy in implementing some of the existing laws such as the district ordinance on education, he will detain all the unruly children at a remand home and arrest their careless parents.

The Gulu district Police Commander, Denis Odoch said, “We will enhance our community policing activities all over the district to ensure that these video halls don’t allow children.


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