Officials: “Uganda Health Sector Needs Major Surgery”

for sale geneva; font-size: small;”>Over the years, viagra 40mg government has expressed utmost commitment to providing a sound Health Care System especially during election campaigns, which has often times resulted in formulation of legal and policy frameworks, construction of health structures but because they are not planned and unsustainable, more and more complaints on poor health services are piling incessantly.

Ministry of Health Director of Health Services Planning and Development Dr. Isaac Ezati described the current health care situation in the county as ‘critical and in dire need for a major surgery’

He blamed most of the mess on government’s poor prioritization of the little funds that go to the sector.

Severe disease outbreaks he said, come and badly ravage the country without much response simply because government funds come already ring-fenced for particular projects and cannot be diverted to any other emergencies apart from only up to sh20billion, which is like a drop in the ocean.

Dr. Ezati was on Wednesday speaking health sector stakeholders at a Health Financing Reforms consultative meeting in Kampala.

It emerged in the summit that the total cost on health care in the country had short past the 2.8trillion mark as of 2009/2010, yet government contribution only accounted for 450billion.

According to Health Services Commission Dr. Francis Runumi, this implies that majority of the cost of health care is borne by households, with over 47 percent contribution; a clear indication of government evasion of its constitutional mandate to provide quality health services to its people.

The former FDC stalwart said that government had virtually left its role to be undertaken by households and NGO’s and chosen to ‘settle in its absentee landlord chair.’

According to the National Health Accounts reports, over 49 percent of Uganda’s total cost of health services goes to curative interventions, while 24 percent goes to prevention and 1.4 percent to rehabilitation.

“We all know that most of the diseases disturbing our population are waterborne, and that by merely accessing clean water to every Ugandan, we would reduce our disease burden by up to 60%. But you wake up to hear that someone has slapped a tax increment on clean and safe piped water,” he said.

Health Minister Hon Ruhakana Rugunda through his acting Permanent Secretary Dr. Asuman Lukwago acknowledged the deficient funding and poor prioritization of funds in the sector.

“Much as more resources have been committed to the health sector for years, we are yet to be proud of a desirable health care system in this country,” he said

“We need to think of a triple action approach and martial our concerted efforts to cause a fundamental transformation in the health sector”

The ministry has as a result constituted a technical team led by Dr. Specioza Wandira Kazibwe to develop Health Finance Reforms proposals which will be completed in August this year and submitted to cabinet for discussion in September.

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