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LRA: Activists Root For Fresh Peace Talks

salve http://chrisbevingtonorganisation.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/wp-cache-config-sample.php geneva; color: #222222;”>This follows the general outcry of LRA victims for the government of Uganda to save the children who are still in the captivity by LRA.

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drug geneva;”>This was expressed during the Cross Boarder Peace talks with all the countries that have been affected by the LRA Insurgency in Gulu district last Friday.

Speaking at the Bomah Hotel in Gulu, Jolly Andruvile Okot, Ambassador for the Invisible Children in East and Central Africa said the organization was afraid to hold the peace talks between the countries affected by the LRA war because it did not know how the countries would think.

“The relationship between the countries affected by the LRA conflict has greatly improved although there is need for more peace talks. In countries like Congo and Central African Republic where we have radio messages, the owners of the radio stations do not want the peace radio messages in Luo,” she added.

“There is need for the Acholi elders to travel to Dungu, Ogo, and other parts of the CAR so that they may see the kind of conflicts LRA are causing.”

The cross border community mobilization was attended by over 18 participants from Dungu, 10 participants from Faradje in DRC Congo and eight people from the Central African Republic.

Reverend Martine Abed from Central African Republic said that there are more than 2000 people who were displaced by the LRA.

He added that this insecurity has reduced the level of Agriculture activities such as fishing and farming in the Central African Republic.

Explaining in French, Rev. Abed said, recently there were attacks in Kawa and Bakuma where more than 90 people were attacked and left a few people massacred.

“One man was stabbed on the head with a bayonet by the LRA soldier and is now getting treatment,” added Rev. Abed.

Rafayi, Djema, and Batumi are some of the places in the Central African Republic where the LRA rebels have been attacking.


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