EXCLUSIVE: DRC Forces Advancing Towards M23 Bases


remedy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 14.25pt;”>healing sans-serif; border: 1pt none windowtext; padding: 0in; font-weight: normal;”>The troop movements have ratcheted up tensions in the volatile country, with M23 fearing an attack on their territory could lead to total breakdown of peace talks between the two hostile parties in Kampala.

M23 sources say DRC forces (FARDC) have teamed up with Rwanda rebel group, FDLR, to attack the rebels’ bases.

On Sunday, M23 officials said that the actions of DRC and Tanzania armed forces in the Provincial town of Goma pointed to an imminent attack on their stronghold town of Mabenga.

“MONUSCO and the ICRC convened every war surgeons located in Goma, urging them to be ready for evacuation and treatment of those who will be wounded in the war,” said a source.

“It is clear that MONUSCO now feels ready to give the go to war. If so, is that all the warrior device FARDC-FDLR-MONUSCO coalition is ready to spray the M23? Who still ask about the role of MONUSCO in the DRC?”

M23 further accused the international community of “deafening silence” about acts of arbitrary arrests, abductions, disappearances and killings of civilians by the DRC secret security services in the cities of Goma and Bukavu.

Chimpreports understands the M23 Movement recently intensified military drills, recruitment of fighters and intelligence gathering operations in preparation for the attack.

Sources in M23 said they would not hesitate to recapture the strategic provincial town of Goma should DRC continue with plans to attack the rebel-held positions.

The rebel movement accuses Kinshasa of refusing to sign a cease-fire agreement following the resumption of fighting in May.

M23 publicist Rene Abandi recently accused DRC of pursuing the path of violence.

“After failing to push us back in Goma, FDLR and FARDC are planning to launch an attack from Tongo and Mabenga in Rutshuru on M23 positions. Does DRC government want M23 to humiliate it again by retaking Goma? Why do they choose the war option rather than talks? Come back to the negotiating table,” said Abandi.

The rebels seized the provincial town of Goma last year before pulling out after international pressure and pleas from regional leaders.

The M23 picked up arms in April 2012, accusing Kabila of rigging the presidential elections, segregation and entrenched corruption in the army and failure to extend social services and infrastructure to Kivu among others. –

M23 opted to declare a unilateral ceasefire on February 8, 2013.

This move was seen by some as a sign of weakness, while others perceived it as a commitment to the peace process in Kampala.

DRC government spokesman, Mr. Lambert Mende was recently quoted as saying: “We do not believe that we should see this as a concession on the part of people who tend to not do what they say … We want to know why they made this announcement. We will not sign any cease-fire, they are desperate and weak and it is high time they disappeared.”


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