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“Namungona Fire Death Toll Rising”


for sale geneva;”>The Minister of Information and National Guidance, Rose Namayanja Nsereko, said 29 people were burnt to death and another 29 people were evacuated with severe burns and are currently undergoing treatment at Mulago National Referral Hospital.

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Namayanja said among the 29 people who were injured, 6 so far have succumbed to death due to the intense nature of the burns and this makes a total of 35 people who have lost their lives.

The Minister further said that so far two people have positively responded to the treatment and have been discharged from Mulago.

“At least 17 bodies have been collected so far while others are still undergoing identification process which will involve carrying out the DNA tests,” she told journalists at Uganda Media Centre on Monday.

“This might take several days close to 4-5 days. We call upon the public to be patient to avoid taking bodies that do not belong to them since some were burnt beyond recognition,” she added.

How it happened

Namayanja said according to preliminary police investigations indicate that the fire was caused by an accident involving a white station wagon vehicle (Toyota Noah) Reg. No. UAS 374C, which rammed into the rear of a white fuel tanker Reg. No. KBL 361B.

The impact and damage at the back of the fuel tanker caused a spillage of fuel on the road and the near-by was the papyrus swamp.

The spillage attracted motorcyclists (boda bodas), passersby and some residents who started scooping fuel but unfortunately a huge fire broke out, engulfed the whole area and burnt the people.

The ‘head’ of a semi-trailer truck that was closely following the Toyota Noah was also burnt and due to fuel spillage, heat on the road and massive evaporation of petrol, there was a concentration of flammable vapour around the scene of the accident.

This and friction from the tyres generated excessive heat in an oxygen environment which ignited the vapour and intensified the fire.


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