Army Denies Sejusa’s Fresh Assassination Claim


story geneva;”>Sejusa told the Voice of America (VOA) on Sunday that he did not return to Uganda after his life was threatened.

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“The plan had been to arrest me at the tarmac, put me on a helicopter, fly me to a place called Nakasongola, the next day make a mock attack that I was going to be rescued by my rebels, then I’m killed in crossfire,” said Sejusa.

“There was an elaborate plan to eliminate me in the process and cover up these serious issues which I had raised.”

Speaking to Chimpreports on Monday morning, army publicist Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said Sejusa’s “outbursts were nothing but concoctions which are completely groundless.”

Ankunda wondered: “How many people did Gen Sejusa kill when he was the still here performing his duties as the Coordinator of Intelligence Organs? It is not our policy to eliminate opponents.”

He further noted that “Sejusa is not the most critical opponent to government and should therefore stop imagining that he is at a higher status.”

Sejusa who demanded an investigation into an assassination plot linked to President Yoweri Museveni’s alleged succession plan, told VOA that he is unlikely to return soon.

“There is no doubt that on the surface of it, everything points at something wrong with the way the president has been handling the issues of his son. And therefore, the onus is on him to clarify these issues and not sweep them under the carpet,” said Sejusa.

The latest bombshell signals London-based Sejusa’s determination to continue ratcheting up harsh rhetoric against President Museveni.

He recently told BBC that Museveni’s “life presidency” is gradually metamorphosing into a “political monarchy.”

Speaking to VOA, Sejusa charged: “How can you blame someone who is performing his duties and demanding that you investigate specific allegations? What is that logic? I don’t understand it that these are wild allegations so they should not be investigated.”

“As a matter of fact I can tell you that it is not only my life which is in danger, but [also] lives of many leaders because the political system has broken down, and the only way to reign in all these upcoming voices of dissent is through force and repression,” he added.

The army says the fugitive General will face charges of spreading harmful propaganda and subversion on return.

It has also faulted Sejusa for not addressing his grievances through “proper and well established formal channels such as security meetings.”

“For them to come and deny before any investigations are carried out and then try to cover up, by imputing wrong motives on me who was performing his duty, shows some culpability … as far as I am concerned, that is merely diversionary,” Sejusa, who fought alongside Museveni in the NRA guerilla war until 1986, told VOA.

He also denied leaking his petition to the press after a newspaper published the contents of the letter demanding the inquiry.

“This was an internal correspondence between chiefs of intelligence. The fact that it was leaked has nothing to with me,” said Sejusa.

Media houses which published articles related to the leaked letter were temporarily closed.

While Sejusa maintains that Museveni wants his son, Kainerugaba Muhoozi, to succeed him, the Special Forces Command (SFC) which the Brigadier heads, has denied the existence of the so-called “Muhoozi Project.”

SFC spokesman, Edison Kwesiga, recently said in a press statement: “Uganda is not a monarchy where leadership is passed on from father to son. This so-called (Muhoozi) project is a people’s creation.”


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