Museveni To Shake Intelligence Organs


this site geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Impeccable State House sources say officials in top positions at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, Internal security Organisation (ISO) and External Security Organisation (ESO) are set to face an axe for not reigning in on Sejusa in time.

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“Museveni is very angry because Military Intelligence and ISO did not detect Sejusa’s subversive activities. The man was recruiting rebels and spying on the President but these security organs were not aware,” an intelligence official told this website.

The source said it was only Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura who detected and reported Sejusa’s activities to the President.

In several dossiers which our sources have seen, Kayihura on several occasions warned Museveni that Sejusa was becoming “another Amin.”

The IGP was referring to the ruthless army officer who seized power in 1971 after exploiting President Milton Obote’s indecisiveness. Amin had earlier been pinned in a high profile murder case and corruption scandal.

Officials further said at one time Kayihura told Museveni that Sejusa was spying on the capabilities of the Special Forces Command which appeared to be his main target.

Kayihura also noted that Sejusa should either be fired or arrested since it was difficult to separate his official duties from his “personal schemes.”

At the time, Sejusa was reportedly recruiting UPDF veterans, deserters and LDUs especially in central Uganda to “create his own force within the army for purposes well known to him.”

However, sources said Museveni should have cracked the whip on Sejusa after the Coordinator of Intelligence organs started authoring controversial letters to the media.

“There was a wrong perception that Sejusa’s conduct was authorized by the President which was false. This complacency on behalf of security chiefs is what annoyed Museveni,” a source noted.

Sejusa remains in exile after penning a controversial letter requesting an investigation into reports that army officers, including himself and government officials opposed to the idea of Muhoozi rising to Presidency are targeted for elimination.

The army vehemently denies the charge, saying such a plan has never existed.

UPDF accuses Sejusa of spreading harmful propaganda and making divisive remarks instead of addressing his issues in the proper forum.

But Sejusa continues to write controversial letters that have unsettled government and led to the temporary closure of some media houses.

He recently appeared on BCC where he accused President Museveni of creating a “political monarchy” in Uganda.


Sources said Museveni told the army High Command in May that he was surprised that ISO and CMI were unaware of Sejusa’s plans which were to overthrow the government.

In fact after the meeting attended by top security officials, Museveni sacked Chief of Defence Forces Gen Aronda Nyakairima and his Deputy, Lt Gen Ivan Koreta.

He promoted Kayihura and Katumba Wamala to the rank of General.

It was unheard of for a General to lead Police. But the elevation of Kayihura underscored the institution’s relevance in thwarting plots against Museveni’s government.

Chimpreports understands the changes in the security agencies are expected in the coming weeks.

Museveni has lately been meeting his military strategists at Rwakitura with the view of creating a robust intelligence gathering team of army officers.

While some strategists have proposed Brig Henry Tumukunde to head a special desk on intelligence, his loyalty to President Museveni is still being questioned following a protracted legal battle with government on charges of spreading harmful propaganda.


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