Al-Shabaab Leadership Collapses in Somalia


page geneva; font-size: small;”>The Militant group Al-Shabaab infighting is almost everywhere in Somalia.

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capsule geneva; font-size: small;”>More than 20 members/militants have died in gun battles as the infighting and leadership wrangles reach a tipping point.

sildenafil geneva; font-size: small;”>Intelligence analysts charting the economic and military structure of the terrorist group at Strategic Intelligence projected a collapse if the economic power of the militants diminished.

Money is what replenishes their supplies and penchant for war, the loss of Kismayu to Kenyan forces has left them economically weak. They are starving and fewer members are joining the group with high numbers quitting militancy in pursuit of agricultural activities as a source of livelihood.

In this last week of June 2013, the once feted leader of Hizbul Islam and then Al-Shabaab, Chief, Hassan Dahir Aweys broke ranks with current Al Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane.

Dahir Aweys was forced to flee alongside ten other commanders allied to him.

Aweys has been trying to reach out to the Somali government officials and an analysis on his actions since the siege of Kismayu show he has been keenly working to weaken Al-Shabaab.

Aweys has previously sought to talk/defect to the government side before the fall of Kismayu and reports of his decamping were documented by Strategic Intelligence during and before the fall of Kismayu.

There is every possibility Hassan Dahir Aweys has been an intelligence mole focusing on reducing the militant activity of the Al-Shabaab.

His exit comes when Al-Shabaab has lost its cause in Somalia besides losing its sources of economic and political power leaving it desperate and scuttled by a hunger for money and supplies.

Notable also in this exit is the progress being made in fostering long lasting peace and political goodwill in Somalia which casts a dark cloud on militants and their future significance, Dahir Aweys running could not have come at a better time.

Aweys has consistently warned against the harsh sentences and “dictatorial behaviour”of the Al-Shabaab leadership and doctrines under Godane.

So far, Al-Shabaab has splintered into tiny clans militia’s and groups.

Infighting has increased significantly with many deaths reported in Barawe, one of the remaining strongholds.

The government of Somalia in Mogadishu is seeking the handover of Dahir Aweys while Ethiopia and United States seek his arrest for his high profile roles in leading the militant-terror group.


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