Bp Zac Attacks Coward Religious Leaders


dosage geneva;”>Instead of coming out in the open to confront government’s corruption, human rights violations and poor services, he said, many clerics have instead opted to “seek political correctness so as not to infuriate those at the helm of government.”

According to Zac, this is contrary to what God has called them for – to provide leadership to His people without fear of the world’s intimidation.

He described those who cannot “uprightly stand against government flaws as cowards who should resign from their positions.”

Bishop Zac gave an example of only a handful of church leaders who stood with him when he was roughed up and detained by police during the Black Monday protests earlier this year.

“Most of them only called in weeks later with apologies and claimed “the matter was too complex for them to intervene.”

Bishop Zac was on Thursday speaking to top religious leaders under the Inter Religious Council who had convened in Kampala to deliberate on the Finance and Management Bill 2012 and Oil production matters in the country.

He said: “If you are truly a religious leader called to God’s service and all you mind about is your safety; and you are worried about teargas, or prison or getting killed, then you are in a wrong place. You should resign.”

He went on: “The bible teaches us about deciding where you belong with great precision. There is either hell or heaven and you either submit to Jesus or Satan.” “That is why the disappointment with religious civil society today is deeply rooted in its failure to stand for justice or injustice.”

“Even those who try to make an effort, they speak with muted passion and half hearted commitment,” he said.

Government critics have severally accused President Museveni and other government elected leaders of using churches and mosques as campaign platforms to secure the believers’ block vote.

It is thought this has been through luring religious leaders with gifts like cars and money in return for pulling the masses to their side.


In the same vein Advocate Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) Executive Director Godber Tumushabe, decried clerics’ failure to provide proper leadership to society but “only sit on the fence to watch.”

He said “Throughout this nation’s history, Religious Civil Society has been at the forefront of the struggle for justice, equality and good governance.”

“It’s only in the recent past that the leaders and church machinery seems to be tilting like a slow moving train towards the side of those who stand on the side of the fence.”

Tumushabe said for proper public accountability to prevail, especially in oil production deals and processes which are too complex for most Ugandans to comprehend, it is the role of religious leaders to simplify them to their followers.

He thus advised them to appoint and “nurture especially youthful leaders well acquainted with oil laws and policy management and give them the mandate to regularly disseminate information to believers about current government deals, in the sector so that every Ugandan is in the know of what’s going on.”


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