Besigye Storms Kampala


visit this site geneva;”>Dozens of trucks and security personnel have surrounded the building to get hold of the man who has put security over the edge.

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It remains unclear what Besigye is doing at the building. Reports indicate he is meeting one of his lawyers there.

Deputy Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango says “we are simply escorting him to ensure he does not cause chaos in the city.”

12:30pm: Police are currently battling supporters of Dr Kizza Besigye in the heart of Kampala after the former FDC President stormed the city unexpectedly.

The opposition strongman is currently being driven in his car near Parliament Building as police struggle to arrest his supporters and restrain him from moving further into the town.

It remains unclear how Besigye beat the 24/7 security surveillance at his residence in Kasangati, Wakiso district, to access the town several kilometers away.

Police boss Gen Kayihura has in the past warned opposition activists especially 4GC against holding rallies in Kampala.

But the pressure group’s boss Mathias Mpuuga said the campaign is aimed resisting the NRM “dictatorship” and showing solidarity with Kampala traders who are on strike.

The traders on Tuesday closed their shops in protest against a new government programme requiring pre-shipment inspection of imported goods in the countries of origin before they enter into the Ugandan market. They claim the system which comes with new taxes is “exploitative.”

But Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde says the rules are intended to stop counterfeit products from flooding the Ugandan market.

During a meeting held yesterday at Diamond Hotel in Kampala, the traders chairman Everest Kayondo said they would keep locks on their shops till next week pending negotiations with Kyambadde and other stakeholders

Minister for Trade Hon. Amelia Kyambadde later tabled before Parliament several counterfeit products imported into the country by unscrupulous traders.

The items included electronics, a vacuum flask, sanitary pads and Cerelac.

She said government is committed to ensuring that quality products are imported into the Ugandan market and traders must comply.

Legislators also hinted on strengthening the capacity of Uganda National Bureau of Standards.

The police are still heavily deployed in the city centre as the traders’ strike enters the third day.

At the scene, Nteza says the situations remains tense and potentially explosive.

More details will be uploaded as events unfold


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