Kihiihi Invests Shs758m In Road Rehabilitation Exercise


site geneva; color: #222222;”>Presenting the district’s financial estimates at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Kihiihi LC3 chairman, Zepher Mugisha said: “We are focused on improving on the state of the roads in the town so that the residents can easily access their locations.”

He requested the councilors to support the revenue collection exercise so that enough money is raised to support the ongoing projects.

Mugisha also noted that the biggest percentage of the budget worth Shs 150 million will be committed to the rehabilitation of the roads and opening more lanes to add value to the land.

“Most places in the town council are still inaccessible therefore we shall open up more lanes and streets so that the owners of the properties can also get value addition when developing them,” said Mugisha.

Created in 2004, Kihiihi Town Council is one of the four town councils in Kanungu district others being Kambuga, Butogota and Kanungu town council.

Furthermore, the Council also plans to spend Shs 120m on the construction of the new council administration block to create more office space for the increasing staff.

“Shs 90m will be used on beautifying the town, Shs 20 million on street lighting and Shs 63m will be spent on Agriculture through NAADs,” said Mugisha.

Mugisha added that the council will get sh 320m from the local revenue which include trading licence, tendering the Bus Taxi Park, Market fees and sale of Mizimera trees while the rest will be funded by releases from the Central government.

According to Kihiihi Town clerk, Emmanuel Asiimwe, there won’t be any tax increase during the financial year as it had been feared.


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