Rwanda MPs Pass 2013/14 Budget


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The total budget for the year 2013/14 is RWF 1,653.4 billion which is RWF 103.4 billion higher than the 2012/13 revised budget.

The total domestic resources which stand at RWF 994.8 billion comprise 60.2 percent of the total budget while the remaining RWF 658.6 billion or 39.8 billion are external resources.

Total recurrent expenditures comprise of 44 percent compared to total development expenditures of 48.5 percent of the total budget.

Net Lending and Arrears comprise of the remaining 7.5 percent of the total budget. The better part of Net Lending is expenditures on the KCC project.

Total development expenditures increased from RWF 628.2 billion in the 2012/13 revised budget to RWF 802.7 billion in the 2013/14 budget, representing a 28 percent increase.

According to the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Ambassador Claver Gatete, this is in line with the thrust of EDPRS2 to focus resources more on development projects that have more impact on growth and poverty reduction.

Gatete maintains tax revenue collections are projected to rise by 0.2 per cent of GDP from RWF 641.2 billion (13.7 per cent of GDP) to RWF 749.1 billion (13.9 per cent of GDP).

The increase in revenue is expected through taxes on goods and services, which are expected to generate RWF 399.9 billion.

“The revenue projections do not envisage any substantial changes in the tax regime,” Minister Gatete told parliament during the budget reading earlier this month.

He noted that projections are underpinned by several on-going as well as new measures to be implemented by the Rwanda Revenue Authority such as e-filing and e-payment, Electronic Single Window and Electronic cargo tracking equipment among others.

The key projects and programmes that were allocated a considerable chunk of resources include National cyber security: RWF 5.7 billion, Statistical Surveys: RWF 9.6 billion support services to LG projects: RWF 1.6 billion and Inclusive participation in governance: RWF 947 million.


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