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Police, Gulu Mayor Clash Over Shs50m Undersized Fish Pack


viagra sale geneva; color: #222222; font-size: small;”>George Labeja nearly came to blows with the officers headed by their boss, Amlan Tumusiime at the Gulu Central police station for stopping a Fuso truck registration number UAN 922U from transporting the undersized fish from Elegu border to South Sudan.

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“Why do you people allow this fish to escape from the lake and when the poor women use their money to buy it from this side you stop them?” asked Labeja as the fish was being displayed for measurement.

Tumusiime, the Head of Fisheries Law Enforcement Northern Kyoga (A) defended himself by saying it is against the Fish Act cap 197.

Gulu Mayor, George Labeja questions the fisheries enforcement officers

“Because the fish are small, it is our duty to make sure it does not cross the border. Besides they have no licensing document to transport this fish,” he said.

The Mayor immediately started mobilizing district leaders including the district chairman and the RDC for a dialogue so that people don’t make a loss of more than Shs 50 million.

Tumusiime said, “There is a lot of political interference in the region because these politicians normally want to secure their votes by pleasing the electorate.”

He vowed to take the officers to court.

Meanwhile, Godfrey Oyet, the Gulu district Fishery Officer measured some of the fish and confirmed they were young species.

The smallest was 23 cm and the biggest 48cm which still is not equivalent to the recommended 50 cm itch by the Fishery Act.

Head of Fisheries Law Enforcement Northern Lake Kyoga, Amlan Tumusiime measuring the fish

After the Gulu Resident District Commissioner, James Kidega Nabinson met with the enforcement officers, mayor and the fishmongers; he told the press there was no immunity for trading fish caught using undersize net


He also noted that “even the president is against it and therefore the victims will face court.”


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