PICTURES: The Tale Of Uganda Heineken Ushers


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On most occasions, you will find the gorgeous girls dressed in short skirts positioned at entrances of venues where functions are taking place. Others pass around drinks, freebies and eats.

The girls pose for photographs at the Heineken Full Moon party

However, when the partiers catch fire, the ushers are not spared.

Chimp Corps last Saturday photographed Heineken Ushers getting to dance floor to join excited revelers during the full moon party.

And they never stopped at that. They excitedly displayed their striking features (curves and long attractive legs) to lighten up the mood.

“It was a real full moon. Ushers did not stop at welcoming guests. They surely entertained them,” said a Corp.

Comedian Patrick Salvador admiring the Heineken Ushers

During the function, top musicians Keko, Lillian Mbabazi among others electrified the crowd with energetic performances.

Heineken Ushers pose for snaps


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