DP To Launch A Report Against Police Brutality


recipe geneva;”>Briefing the press at the party headquarters on Tuesday, ambulance DP president, Norbert Mao said the party is set to organize people who have been victims of police brutality so as to institute a class action case against different police officers and the police institution.

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Mao said after a period of 50 years, the Mawu Mawu sued the British government for the acts of brutality that were committed upon them during the rebellion where by the British government must pay in return.

Mao said very man people of the middle class have lost their lives, property and some have been brutalized and no one has come out to adhere to them since only the prominent men and are the only ones publicized.

“I have never heard on any lawyer or doctor shot dead during a demonstration but it’s always the Boda boda drivers, the ‘Mandazi sellers’ and other ordinary men and women that have suffered uttermost’” he added.

Mao has therefore called upon the middle class people to join in this truth telling exercise so as to provide enough testimonies against the police.

Mao added that the tribunal is hold hearings at the DP headquarters where by a panel will be set where citizens will be testifying against what the police have done to them.

“I will also come and testify of how I was taken to Nakasongola, Luzira and how I was beaten up on the road to Mityana and thereafter we shall launch a report against all these cases,” he added.


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