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Ugandan Conman Jailed Over Shs1.6bn Gold Deal


recipe geneva;”>Appearing before the Kampala High Court judge Vincent Zehurikize, Edward Muwawu Mulumba, through the help of a Luganda translator, chose to give his testimony without taking oath.

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He testified that he knows the complainant, a one Leticia but quickly refuted claims of stealing shs 1.68 billion from her.

Muwawu claims he first got to know Leticia after she came to him for local charms to strengthen her marriage.

“She came to me saying her husband had passed away and wanted to strengthen her relationship with her new white man, whom she also wanted to extort money,” said Muwawu.

He also insisted the only things he got from the woman were goats and hens that they took to his shrine in Masaka.

However, the judge decided to send Muwaw to jail and has adjourned the case to June 28 for the final submissions.

Muwawu is said to have been briefly arrested in December and later released on bail of Shs 50 million.

However, after failing to turn up in court as part of his bail conditions, Muwawu was re-arrested in February.

He tried asking for bail but couldn’t pay the Shs 200 m as required by court.


According to Leticia, she was connected to Busulwa by a one Issa Arinaitwe who told her that Muwawu had enough gold and would act as a good supplier.

Together with her Swiss boyfriend, who is also a gold dealer, Leticia went to Muwawu and after testing a sample which was found genuine, they were asked to be sold 25 kilograms of gold with each Kilogram going for $27,000.

Leticia claims the huge sum of money was paid through Money Gram, Western Union, Housing and Finance bank among other financial channels.

“After paying him the money, Muwawu told us that he had a person willing to pay us twice the money we had paid him. We told him to sell it off and we share the profits,” said Leticia.

According to Leticia, Muwawu later called them and informed them that he had sold off the gold and he had deposited 1.28m Euros on an account number he had ‘opened’ up in AIG bank in Brussels.

“We bought 50 codes with each going for 200 Euros (an equivalent of Shs.34 Million) however, all didn’t work. So we decided to go and inquire from the bank and were told that even the account number he had given us never existed,” confessed Leticia.

On learning about this, Muwawu switched off his mobile phones prompting Leticia and her boyfriend to come back to Uganda and opened up a case against him at Kampala Police Station, in December after their fruitless search.

He was later arrested at his home in Naalya, a Kampala suburb in the same month.


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