INTERVIEW: Zari Opens Heart On Ivan-Sharon O Romance

adiposity http://corpuschristimiami.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/wpsc-visitor.class.php geneva;”>The local tabloids have been awash with reports of Ivan dumping Zari and hooking former Big Brother Africa housemate, http://clearskinconcierge.com/acne/wp-includes/id3/module.audio-video.asf.php Sharon O.

Until recently, Sharon was thought to be married to Ronnie Mulindwa with whom they have a child.

However, Zari let the cat out of the bag when she said Ivan and Sharon O have since been seeing each other at the tycoon’s plush residence in South Africa.

Zari claims to have responded by giving out her heart to an American, whose identity she desperately protects.

What Went Wrong?

“To summarize for you we broke up. I didn’t not just spilt from him now as mentioned by irrelevant sources. It’s a year now,” says Zari.

But how come a few months ago she was spotted with Ivan at Club Venom and Rogue in Kampala popping wines? They were photographed as they had a good time – with their faces beaming with joy, happiness and satisfaction as they partied hard in the nightclubs. They seemed to enjoy being together!

This was not a show of public affection, according to Zari.

“Yes, we did public appearances just to keep it on the down low but we were not together.”

The pair’s relationship was on and off due to alleged domestic violence. Living under different roofs is what Zari is determined to cope up with.

“I have been copying ok as life went on as normal; the kids have always been and are with me seeing him every weekend. The boys have since settled into their new life since last year. I am perfectly ok with my new beau (identity withheld on request).”

Sharon O

Since the news of Ivan-Sharon O combination hit the air waves, the public has been eager to know whether Zari has held any talks with her ex – Mulindwa.

“No I haven’t talked to Ronnie. I am not in any position to, neither do I have anything to discuss with him,” says Zari.

In a compassionate, if not cynical tone, Zari adds: “I am sorry for his losses but he should have his hopes high. If she comes back she was meant to be if she doesn’t we all have ONE out there. He will find her just like I found mine.”

She maintains “Faith is what he needs to get him through, he will be ok with time and everything heals with time.”

But where is the evidence that Sharon O has been secretly dating Ivan?

Zari says she had a talk with Ivan after hearing some rumours about the affair.

“Ivan confirmed Sharon is my hi-hi friend. She (Sharon O) also confirmed though apologizing that she didn’t know how to break the news to me,” recalls the mother of three.


“I told her it is ok, she needed my confirmation that I am totally done. I said yes but of course we can never be ‘done’ putting in mind that there are business ventures and the kids involved but with the matters of the heart yes we are done,” the businesswoman, known for her love of luxurious cars, champagne-charged parties in nightclubs and posh houses recounts assuring Sharon O.

“I told her she has my blessing … I’ve always prayed for him to find someone who so he can completely my case.”

Does Sharon stay with Ivan?

Zari contends the new couple is yet to start living as man and wife.

“No they don’t stay together. She comes in once in a while to visit (in South Africa),” she notes.

Pressed to reveal the identity of the man with whom she is now sharing a bed, Zari noted: “He is a United States government official. Definitely keeping anonymous is the best thing.”

Regarding the custody of kids and sharing of property, Zari says “Everything is normal, our lives moved on not the businesses – they are still in place.”

With all the romantic moments they shared during their relationship, one would wonder whether Zari misses Ivan.

“Miss Ivan? No, not at all,” she charges. The short sentences speak volumes of Zari’s anger and disappointment.

But they have been on and off. Won’t they reconnect?

“If a relationship drags with a lot of drama it means it’s not meant to be. Sometimes it’s best to let it go…” she says, confidently.

Considering that couples are always required to forgive and forget in such cases, are there any hopes that Zari and Ivan would reunite?

“My decision is final … my kids are growing up fast, they need a better environment to grow in not in an abusive relationship … instilling morals and ethics to them is my main agenda now …”


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