PRDP: The Path To Sustainable Social-Economic Growth In Northern Uganda And Karamoja

more about sans-serif;”>The PRDP also acts as a mechanism for mobilization of additional funds to finance recovery efforts in Northern Uganda.

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there sans-serif;”>Due to the gaps that still existed, cabinet approved an extension of three years under what is now called PRDP2. PRDP 2 was designed to complete the post-conflict recovery process in Northern Uganda. Its overall goal is to consolidate peace and strengthen the foundations for development in Northern Uganda.

The newly constructed Police Post in Karita, Amudat district.

The general target is to promote development of the districts of Northern Uganda to achieve national average levels of the main socio-economic indicators.

PRDP 2 will retain the four strategic objectives developed for the PRDP. However, the focus and content of each Strategic Objective was adjusted at programme level in line with the evolving needs of the North.

One of the valley dams in Karamoja

The PRDP is organized around 4 Strategic Objectives


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