UPDF Denies Losing Uniforms To Deserters


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page geneva;”>Army publicist Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said in a statement on Monday that contrary to statements in the media attributed to the UPDF Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala, purportedly confirming the development, “no members of the Reserve Forces who recently returned from service under AMISOM, have disappeared with UPDF uniforms.”

He further noted that “what the forces retain are the African Union medals of service, scarves and armbands as souvenirs for everyone who serves in the mission.”

“Any member of Defence Forces upon retirement is entitled to retain only ceremonial dress which can be worn during national and Defence Forces ceremonies but not combat fatigues like the same forces were using during their service in AMISOM,” said Ankunda.

UPDF deserters have since been accused of participating in armed robberies and murders that have rocked the country.

A hunt for over 400 UPDF deserters has been on since early this year.

Ankunda said the UPDF has a proper record and well established mechanism of contact and liaison with each and every member of the Reserve Forces up to their villages and homes.

“In case of any such an occurrence, there would be no cause for alarm since we would follow the culprits and recover the uniforms accordingly.”


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