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Human Trafficking Disaster Hits Uganda


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cheap geneva; font-size: small;”>The Coordinator Anti Human Trafficking National Task Force, Moses Binoga said Monday there was an “increasing number of Ugandan women and men who have reported to be undergoing abuse and exploitation in a number of foreign countries after having been assisted to go out of the country stealthily and illegally.”

The development shows the disturbing laxity at the Ministry which has been exploited by human traffickers to sneak unsuspecting Ugandans to foreign countries for slavery.

In 2012, MPs discovered that scores of Ugandan women had died at hands of brutal prostitute buyers in Malaysia.

Below is a full statement issued today by Binoga.


There is increasing number of Ugandan women and men who have reported to be undergoing abuse and exploitation in a number of foreign countries after having been assisted to go out of the country stealthily and illegally.

It has been noted that a number of individuals and companies are carrying out recruitment of persons for labor employment abroad illegally, without licenses from the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social development. Most of these individuals and companies make adverts in the media.

However, the transactions by such individuals and companies are done with a lot of secrecy. Most of the destination countries for such victims include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Kuwait, Oman, India, and South Africa.

Most of the people who have been recruited by such companies have ended up either being defrauded of their money or they have been given jobs in such destination countries which are either different from what had been promised or degrading jobs like forced prostitution or jobs that require a lot of over work with little pay, like house maid jobs or where they are mistreated by their foreign employers with impunity and are forced to remain under such bad conditions of service with no easy ways of coming back to Uganda.

It has also been noted that of recent, a big number of the Ugandans victims of illegal labour recruiters are leaving Uganda by road through Malaba or Busia border posts and then board planes to their destinations from Nairobi. Such people are also being given forged exit stamps at the Kenya Uganda border posts by some of the criminal members of the human trafficking racket.


•Last Friday, an Egyptian national MUHAMUD MANSUR, working for a United Arab Emirates Company called GULSCO SERVICES –UPON REQUEST EMPLOYER’S PROVISION SERVICES was arrested from Hotel Africana while carrying out secret recruitment of some people for house maid jobs in United Arab Emirates. He had come with Employment Agreements where by the recruited persons would be paid the equivalent of $200. He was using tel no. 0778894461 to mobilize the victims.

•Last Thursday 20th June 2013, one female victim was assisted to come back from India where she had gone after some secret recruitment and exit through Malaba and when she reached India she had been told to do forced prostitution and yet she had been promised a supermarket job. She reported that there are many of such victims she left in India.

•Last month, a group of 79 people were intercepted at Entebbe Airport on their way to Syria via Kenya. They had been told that they were going for a workshop in Nairobi.

•Last month, three ladies who were helped to come back from Kuwait said they had been secretly recruited by some individuals who made them pass via Malaba border post without passing through the Immigration offices.

Members of the public are advised as follows:-

•That all those intending to go out for foreign employment should do so only through the Companies which have been licensed by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

•The confirmation can be sought from Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development or the Anti Human Trafficking Coordination office at the Ministry of Internal Affairs whether a company is licensed to carry out foreign labour recruitment or not.

•That all individuals and companies which are carrying out labour recruitment without licenses shall be arrested and prosecuted.

•Not all adverts in the media are legal. Let people seek for guidance from the relevant government agencies.



1.Askar Security Services Limited (Plot 242, Entebbe Road, Lweza)

2.2 Niles Public relations Agency Limited (Sunset Arcade, 2nd floor, Wilson Rd)

3.The Gideon’s Men Ltd (Plot No. 31/47 Port Bell Rd, Luzira)

4.FHTO Ltd (Plot 110, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya)

5.Normandy Company Uganda Ltd (Plot 136, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya)

6.Sepher Employment Agency Limited (Plot 17, Kakungulu Road, Ntinda)

7.J.A.G Security Group Limited (Plot 3676, Magoba Lane, Kisugu)

8.Saracen (U) Limited (Plot 15, Impala Avenue, Kololo)

9.Security Link Limited (Plot 126, Sentema Rd, Bulange Mengo)

10.Razor Sharp Logistics Ltd (Plot 22/24 Mulungu, Munyonyo)

11.Comprehensive Logistic Services Uganda Limited (Plot 242, Entebbe Road, Lweza)

12.International Security Systems (U) Ltd (Plot 9/10 Chwa Close)

13.Pinnacle Security Limited (Plot 45 A Lumumba Avenue)

14.Ham Property Services and Management Limited (Plot 1096, Wakaliga Rd.)

15.Mix Link Agency Limited (Plot 1712, Katale Busawula Rd, SSeguku)

16.Maghrib Agencies Limited (Suites22, 2nd Floor MM Plaza, Luwum Street)

17.Apt Corps Limited (Plot 1065, Portbell Rd)

18.Reliable Logistics (U) Limited (Plot 1376, Portbell Rd, Luzira)

19.PGI Limited (Plot 5170, Diplomate Rd, Muyenga)

20.ALSACO International (U) Limited (Plot 220 Lubaga Rd)

21.Tirajo Employment Agency Limited (Plot 32, Rashid Khamis Rd)

22.High Tides Limited (Suite 242, Serena Conference Centre)

23.Oasis External Employment Agency (U) Limited (Nalya-Kiwatule Rd)

24.Jeveuxd’ Emploi Enterprise Limited (Kalerwe, Gayaza Road)


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