Health Ministry Warns Against Mosquito Nets Misuse


dosage geneva;”>treat sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The Government together with development partners say they have “put in a lot of effort to have these nets in place and hence putting these resources to waste cannot be allowed anymore.”

The national campaign to distribute 21 million long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets was unveiled by President Yoweri Museveni on May 10 with an aim of attaining universal coverage of at least one net per two people.

The nets were procured with funds from Global Fund, US President Malaria Initiative and World Vision Uganda.

However, pessimism has already been simmering on whether or not these nets won’t be put to waste as was the case three years ago.

After distribution of 7.2 million nets in 2010, it emerged that certain groups of people had resorted to using them to catch fish.

Some other ‘crafty women’ ripped the nets and made out of them wedding gowns for hire, while others tied them on goal posts to further liven up the game of football!

This according to Health Services Director General, Dr. Jane Aceng, this was largely due to poor sensitization and the mistake will not be repeated.

“We have this time round formed a National Coordinating Committee comprised of partners from across the country together with Ministry of Health and we have also developed a comprehensive strategy get the right message down there,” she said.

Village Health Teams, she said, are being trained to pass on the information house by house on why this project is imperative the dangers of wasting the nets.

“RDC’s have been directed to coordinate this whole process of distribution and to monitor and ensure rightful use of the nets. Anyone caught misusing them will be dealt with accordingly,” said Jane told reporters at the Media Center


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