Okurut Roots For Resistance Against Sexual Harassment


this site geneva;”>“It is twenty seven years since the women’s movement in Uganda opened a new chapter. We need to see how much has been covered in that period and what remains to be done” she said.

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Karooro said this while addressing the Leadership of the Women NGOs at her office on Thursday.

She added that the NRM Government had done a lot in the empowerment of women and because of the affirmative environment which was put into place, a lot has been achieved in the field of gender equality.

“A lot more needs to be done. The Government had done its role and continues to do so as Civil Society carries on with its own role,” she said.

Karooro also thanked the women NGOs for their activism and continued struggle for the emancipation of women.

“Unless women are educated and economically empowered, there can be no meaningful emancipation.”

She asserted that it is why the government put special provision for the girl-child in Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE).

The minister further pledged support of her ministry saying that they are partners who should work with each other and not to fight one another.

She emphasised that her ministry is going to undertake research into sexual harassment in Primary, Secondary Schools, Universities, other Institutions and places of work.

Research has shown that 40,000 girls in primary schools are defiled by their teachers every year.

“Sexual harassment is a disease that must be rooted out otherwise all women are an endangered species. How many bosses demand for sex from girls before they can give them employment? How many girls lose their jobs because they refuse to give in to the sexual advances of their bosses? And how many undergraduate girls or those in schools and institutions fail to get the grades they deserve because they refuse to have sex with their teachers/lecturers?” she asked.

Karooro further assured the women that she would work with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to make sure that the Sex Offences Bill becomes Law.

The leadership of the women NGOs thanked her for her open door policy and pledged to continue working with the ministry.


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