Museveni: Lawyers Should Promote The Rule Of Law


diagnosis geneva;”>He urged the Association to uplift the standards of LDC rather than being another social club for just organizing functions.

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Represented by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Jacob Olanya, while officiating the launch of the Association on Friday, President Museveni was thankful upon such a tremendous initiative of bringing together all students that have ever passed throw LDC.

He urged the Association to promote the rule of law in the country and access to justice for the vulnerable and poor people.

Museveni noted that it was one of the aims of the National Resistance Army /National Resistance Movement to foster the rule of law in the country after being violated by the past regime.

“We have built justice institutions and the rule of law in Uganda since we captured power in 1986 and we have encouraged the masses to demand for their legal rights in the country,” he said.

Museveni further promised to work together with the Alumni association and other stake holders to promote the rule of law in Uganda.

“I appreciate the work done by the Law Development Centre in delivering quality legal frames and I commend the efforts in maintaining high quality training and higher academic qualifications despite the challenges faced,” he added.

He also emphasized: “LDC must continue to provide high quality legal training which will help in addressing the ever increasing demand for legal services and must never compromise its quality.”


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