23 American Youth Working In Rwanda


decease geneva;”>This group of students on Thursday, abortion June 20, order 2013 visits the Ministry of Youth and ICT (MYICT).

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Think Impact is a global social enterprise based in Denver, Colorado, USA and has offices in Rwanda; within Rwanda, Think Impact is working in a couple of communities in Rwamagana District in the Eastern Province. Over the coming years, they aim is to start working in additional communities throughout this district.

Emily Rosser, a member of Think Impact said that “We are committed to work in Rwanda as students; this gives us an experience of how this community lives.”

Noel Ntabanganyimana is the country coordinator of Think Impact said that “Think Impact comes to work and live in Rwanda rural community, we don’t come to impose our programs only, but we also participate in development plans of the country we work in.”

He added that “Think Impact plan to build ‘Uturima tw’Igikoni’ for people living in Munyiginya sector. Provision of goats for farming. About 30 families to be provided with those services in 2012-2013, 17 have already received their part.”

The Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana speaking to a group of 23 students told them that “Rwanda want to raise a HAPPi generation where Youth will be responsible for everything that happens.” He added that “We encourage young people to join cooperatives in rural areas, cooperative is a good platform to increase production…”

ThinkImpact usually brings groups of volunteers and other young professionals from various US States to Rwamagana, where they spend a great deal of their time partnering with the Munyiginya remote rural communities.

The partnership starts with identifying major challenges and hardships that the communities face in their daily life. From that standpoint, community members and visitors amicably get to collaborate and brainstorm about alternative market based solutions using their skills and locally available resources.

Munyiginya boasts of many success stories including from individuals who previously earned almost nothing yet now a day shave become self- reliant, and have a decent monthly income basis that enables them to support their families.


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