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Uganda Farmers Oppose GMOs


order geneva;”>In his remarks at the farmers’ conference organized by Food Rights Alliance, order Professor Matthew Schnurr of the Dalhaousie University said, price “Ugandan farmers should buy these seeds which are already on market in Uganda because they give good yields.”

The conference was convened to discussing the Bio-safety and Biotechnology bill 2012 which seeks to introduce Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) into the Agricultural sector for commercial release at the expense of small holder farmers’ rights to seeds.

Prof. Schnurr noted that these seeds help yield much profits and require less spraying compared to the indigenous seeds. He gave an example of the cassava and maize grown in Kasese district, and bananas from Kawanda.

He added: “These seeds are insect resistant, and herbicide resistant.”

However, the farmers reacted negatively to the idea saying, “It has a bigger effect on the environment.”

According to Vickie Atim, a farmer from Arua district, these seeds are already on market but to her observation, they have done more harm than good to their soils by making them infertile.

She instead requested the Food Rights Alliance to come to Arua and sensitize farmers on the dangers of these seeds.

Martin Segawa, a farmer too added: “These seeds are not important to Ugandans since they do not allow farmers to intercrop them with other crops.”

He said they are also expensive because they require one to buy them every year.

Mark Kiddu, also one of the farmers present at the conference remarked that people consuming these GMO crops may be affected in one way or the other adding that their DNA formulas are likely to be interrupted.


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