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Kayihura Speaks Out On Kampala ‘Taxi Murders’


information pills geneva;”>“We deeply regret these incidents, health and pay condolences to the families who lost loved ones. As we hunt down the criminal elements/gangs behind this wave of crime, cure Police action is focused on initiating measures aimed at preventing attacks on the travelling public,” said Kayihura on Friday.

“Indeed, following the latest reports of such incidents, I convened a meeting of key stakeholders, in particular, the Traffic Police, the CID, Kampala Metropolitan Police and representatives of taxi operators, including UTODA to review the situation and work out concrete measures to counter this crime wave,” he added.

The statement comes against the backdrop of the murder of several people by taxi operators especially in Kampala.

Early this week, Thomas Pere, a journalist with New Vision was slaughtered by thugs in a taxi as he travelled home at night.


He said the meeting identified the causes of increasing crime in the taxi transport such as lack of effective control of the taxi transport, especially with the weakening of the UTODA, and apparent anarchy in the industry.

It was noted that supervision of drivers and conductors has weakened substantially.

Kayihura further said taxis are usually hired by criminally-minded persons who then misrepresent themselves to the innocent travelling public as genuine taxi operators, and end up robbing, and even killing passengers.

The mushrooming of illegal stages for taxis in Kampala and other areas and emerging garages that dismantle old vehicles and sell number plates to criminal elements were other factors that have facilitated public transport crimes.

Kayihura also noted that criminals usually use taxis with tinted glasses used to conceal attacks on innocent passengers.

To counter the above and similar malpractices, Police in partnership with other stakeholders, intends to impound all taxis with tinted glasses and have their drivers prosecuted.

“All taxis must have their registration numbers clearly marked on all sides in a conspicuous manner besides displaying the usual registration plate,” said Kayihura, adding, “All crime hot spots within Kampala and along the highways and major roads in the country will be identified and dominated to insulate them against criminals.”

The Police boss further said all garages involved in dismantling vehicles will be identified and searched to recover number plates and prosecute garage owners.

“The Police will closely work with other stakeholders especially the taxi operators/drivers associations and KCCA to profile drivers and conductors and use the database to monitor their conduct/misconduct,” he added.

“In addition, we are requesting KCCA to ban all illegal taxi stages; compel drivers to display their photographs in a conspicuous manner in the vehicle; and taxis to be allocated designated routes,” said the police chief.

Police also plans to convene a bigger meeting involving other stakeholders such as the Ministry of Works and Transport and KCCA to build on the above immediate measures and strengthen the public transport system, and ensure the safety and security of the travelling public.

“As for bus transport, when similar problems first occurred, particularly on major highways, we instituted a system of deploying traffic/armed police in the buses as marshalls, especially at night, in addition to increasing patrols along the highways, and the situation has greatly improved in terms of incidents of criminal attacks as well as incidents of traffic accidents,” Kayihura further stated.

He said police needs support of the public to crack down on criminality.

“We need your vigilance and cooperation. Lookout for suspicious characters or taxis and call the Police on toll free line 0800199099 or inform the nearest police station or post or security official or LC official.”


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